The 6th Happiness 第六种幸福

Here at Faber Peak Singapore, uncover your 6th Happiness – to be the real you!


In China, five kinds of happiness are celebrated: Health (健康), Wealth (财富), Longevity (长寿), Virtue (美德) and joy in the golden years (安享天年). There is actually a 6th Happiness, and it is about being to be uncovered.

The 6th Happiness micro film stars China’s rising starlet, Huang Can Can (黄灿灿), as she experiences the unique cable car offerings, feasts heartily and drinks in the breath-taking panoramic views at Faber Peak Singapore. The film takes us on a journey like never before at Faber Peak Singapore in search of happiness, the 6th Happiness.


Create your personalised Faber Peak e-postcard

You can follow in Huang’s happy footsteps at Faber Peak Singapore by creating a personalised e-postcard on the 6th Happiness campaign website. Make your happy pick from Faber Peak’s enchanting scenes, add a photo of you and your loved ones and start sharing the 6th Happiness message.

Get set to get high as the search for your 6th Happiness begins now!


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