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Let your students be a part of Faber Peak Singapore’s fun and holistic learning journeys that allows them to learn about Singapore’s and Mount Faber’s rich history and much more!

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Explore & Learn at Mount Faber

Students will play the part of researchers searching for information about Mount Faber’s history and folklore, while learning about Singapore’s history and development. Students will also experience the heritage and fun of the Singapore Cable Car.


Suitable for P4 – Sec 2

Unique learning opportunities:

  • History of Mount Faber
  • History of Singapore Cable Car 
  • Singapore Cable Car experience


Learning Journey includes:

  • Exploration and activities around Mount Faber
  • Unlimited cable car rides
  • Worksheets and facilitation materials
  • Complimentary bottled water

Back-of-House Tour – Go behind the scenes!

Sharing our Secrets – Our guides will show you the secrets that make the Singapore Cable Car awesome! Gain access to places unseen by the public eye.

Interesting Stories – Be enthralled by real-life accounts of Singapore Cable Car’s rich history.


Unique Learning Opportunities:

  • Learn about the inner workings of the Singapore Cable Car
  • Experience the history and heritage of the Singapore Cable Car
  • Exclusive access to workspaces not open to public
  • Detailed accounts of the evolution of our cableway


Learning Journey includes:

  • Exploration and activities around Singapore Cable Car stations
  • Unlimited cable car rides
  • Complimentary bottled water

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